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The reason that the universe seems to be expanding is because it is a cell in the body of god, and god is growing.


Matters of truth are often compounded by various contradictory truths, which uninitiated minds perceive as lies. In fact, they are more like satellites. Consider the Sephiroths.


Each viewpoint may represent the truth, but only a part of the higher truth.


The problem with the truth is that a person so often believes his singular perspective of truth to be absolute, when 6 or 10 other truths may be overlapping the same matter.

Bruised Ego

The sting of an insult leaves a bitter aftertaste.


Religion is clever in its idiocy and puts down everybody who’s stupid enough to believe in it – by presenting them their own beginner’s luck as a gift!


It can be demonstrated that god is like a species dependent upon belief. The concept of god is ever present. However when a people stops believing in their gods, their gods become powerless (except if their god inscribed a penalty curse for transgression). Should a people’s beliefs become centered on a new god, miracles are attributed to that one which in turn fuels beliefs.


All those people playing politics with god’s name are committing an abomination to the LORD.


God is a wheel that keeps getting reinvented.


Religion could be studied as the science of man’s attempts to comprehend the mysteries of the universe.