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My ego is like God. It’s so big it’s as if it doesn’t exist.


When you make a religion up you may think you’re being clever, but you are no better than the last guy who did it.


God has schizophrenia.


Gods are not immortal. They just have very long lifespans.


Don’t allow your dream to become an excuse to sleepwalk through life. Chase it.


You will find love, do not worry about it. Anxiety is what blocks the love you are trying to attract. If you can focus on something other than love, then love will come to you when you least expect it.


If conspiracy theorists are really so into conspiracies, why don’t they ever seem to come up with any conspiracies of their own?


You’re never alone when you’ve got yourself.


When the uninitiated took control of the church, they didn’t know what to teach – so they started making things up.


When Jesus said that whoever knoweth not the son hath not known the father, he was not insinuating that he is the only path to God, but stating that he was a legitimate messiah who would be recognized as such. So-called Christians may love to put words in Christ’s mouth, but real Christians have Christ in them. The spirit of Christ condemns not fellow prophets nor even their followers in all who seek the father.


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